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During 15-21 January we took part of the world famous horse show Cheval Passion, which took place in the south of France in Avignon. Each year the show attracts more than 100,000 spectators. We played with a very talented artiste, director of equestrian performances – Lorenzo, who has conquered the world with his fantastic shows with horses. It was our first experience on working with animals, and we had a lot of pleasure of it. It seemed we were reunited with nature, while playing with Lorenzo and horses, and we tried to emphasize with our music every move and mood changing of the artists. That experience was very unusual for us – horses are very sensitive to the mood of the people. That is why all the time we need to control our emotions, trying to be in a calm state, not being nervous and worring (even if there are some technical problems, or everything falls around you, or horses rush at high speed near you…).

We have a lot of impressions after our trip – lovely french people, inspiring and unusual cooperation experience, beautiful nature and landscapes, ancient cities of the south of France, local places of interest – all of this allows us to think about our trip as about real vacances:)

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